In this group project, we were asked to design a toy by identifying a specific market, performing research and analysis, ideating and exploring new ideas through sketching and prototyping, as well as engaging in user testing, iteration, and concept refinement.
We began by doing research on 4 different categories:
 Summertime, Holiday Season, Family/Multiple Users, Classroom/Learning

From there we narrowed it down to Family/Multiple Users and brainstormed some toy idea.
Some ideas we had were 3D connect 4, 3D puzzle, and a driving version of "Bop It!"
We really liked the idea of a "Bop It!" inspired toy, so we played with different forms. (sphere, wheel, cube)
However from our mid-project critique with our classmates, they did not like the "inspired by 'Bop It!'" and thought we should go with a different idea. 
From here, we went back to brainstorming about different "actions," (throw it, kick it, punch it, etc.) and about a different concept.
Our end result was better than we expected! :) 

Test your memory skills by playing "Add On" with friends and family. Perform an action on beat to the music and then pass it to a different person. That person would have to perform your action and then add on an action of their choice while continuing the beat of the song. The pace gradually increases as the game goes on to make it more difficult. Actions include shake, pull, twist, smash, and pass!
We 3D printed our prototype into 3 pieces. We had two halves of the sphere and a cylinder. To assemble it, we had a string attached to each inside end of the half spheres which also ran through the cylinder. This was to attach the spheres together and make sure the the sphere only opened a small distance when the player would perform the "pull" action. 
We created our poster in Adobe Illustrator.

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