Holiday Poster
Choose any holiday and design and layout a                          vectored poster to promote that holiday
• You must create and use at least one art brush.
• You must create and use at least one scatter brush.
• You must use the blend tool or blend menu option to create a transition between two or more shapes.
• You must use at least 1 linear gradient.
• You must use at least 1 radial gradient.
• You must include at least 1 instance of text on a path.
• Include the name of the holiday you selected and its date somewhere in your layout

Shirt Design
 Create a design intended for display on a t-shirt

 •must use between 2 and 6 colors for this project. The design should be separated into colors (1 color per layer). There should be no overlap between colors.

Vehicle Illustration
Select and illustrate the vehicle of your choice. Popular examples include sports cars, motorcycles, and airplanes.

•Use at least one linear gradient or one radial gradient in this project.
• Use the gradient mesh tool or a freeform gradient on at least one shape in this project.

Product Sell Sheet
•You must illustrate at least three different views of the same product.
• Include the product name and short paragraph explaining the purpose of the product.
• Each view should be properly labeled (i.e. “Front View”, “Side View”, etc.) and include textcall-outs to the key features of your product.

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