Choose two objects or object parts with opposing skins (synthetic vs. organic). Recreate each object with the skin of the other.
idea 1: butterfly vs. playing cards
- playing card design would be the design of the butterfly wing
- butterfly wing design will be put on the playing card 

idea 2: peacock vs. lollipop
- the circles in a peacock feather would be replaced by lollipop colors
- lollipop would have a peacock's feather color scheme  

concept development

butterfly vs. playing cards
- started playing with a monarch butterfly wing design, using gradients to make the design "pop out" more. 
- wanted to use both sides of a playing card, so played around with how to keep the distinguished King of Hearts outline, but also incorporate the monarch butterfly design.

peacock vs. lollipop
- researched the traditional peacock colors and shape of feather.
- wanted to keep the standard lollipop swirl, but also trying to keep the feather look. 

chose to refine the butterfly vs. playing card idea 
- decided to design each king as a different butterfly 
- will cut out parts of the card and replace them with colored tracing paper to incorporate the "translucentness"  and texture of a butterfly's wing
- will glue the face side and back side of the card together
- for card skin on butterfly, I decided to use real cards

face side of butterfly skin on card

back side of butterfly skin on card

face side of card skin on butterfly

back side of card skin on butterfly

Overall, I am very pleased with how this came out. I think the colored tracing paper helped convey the texture of the butterfly wings. The delicacy of the card when handling it also related to the delicacy of a butterfly. The card skin on the butterfly turned out better than I expected. 
To improve, I would want to redesign the cards so you could see through translucent parts. 

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